Open License

Open Technical Formats

  • We will consult national / international experts to make sure we are using open (& modular) best practices when considering design technical formats (e.g., CCC OER's description of a "super OER".)
    • Tom Caswell, Strategic Outreach Manager for the OpenCourseWare Consortium
    • Creative Commons
  • Courses will be LMS (learning management system) agnostic. Content developed in ANGEL, Blackboard, Moodle (or another LMS platform) will be exported and shared as a Common Cartridge.

Open Repositories

  • Possible sites for multiple audiences include:
    • System use: SBCTC web site - page where all 81 courses can be downloaded.
    • WashingtonOnline ANGEL college use - all 81 courses will be placed in the system-wide ANGEL learning object repository (LOR)
    • Global use: We need multiple locations on the web to host the 81 courses because the courses may have multiple audiences.