OBIS / Grant Process for Open Course Library Team

Colleges must invoice the SBCTC through the Online Budget and Invoicing System (OBIS) upon completion of each of the 3 quarters in which the eligible Open Course Library grant work is done. Unless there are unusual circumstances, those quarters would be SU10, FA10, SP11. Institutional Researcher grants may bill after SP10, SU10, FA10 or after SU10, FA10, SP11 quarters.

Colleges must invoice for $5,000 upon completion of each of those quarters. Invoices are due no later than 30 days after the end of the quarter.

The extra $1,000 to cover eLearning support in the Faculty Course Designer grant is reimbursable at any point (must also be billed through OBIS).

If eligible grant work cannot be completed during the 3 quarters mentioned above, please contact the Project Director: Cable Green: / 360-704-4334

If you have questions about invoicing or OBIS, please contact Michele Rockwell: / 360-704-4343

Travel Reimbursement Process for Open Course Library Team

1. College staff travel to grant-related meetings.

College staff on the Open Course Library team travel to grant-related meetings. If travel expenses will be over $200 per person per meeting*, please contact Cable Green ( / 360-704-4334) for pre-approval. Travel less than $200 per person per meeting does not need to be pre-approved.

Use of phone and Elluminate is strongly encouraged for meetings.

2. College staff turn in travel reimbursements to their college.

3. College reimburses college staff.

4. Once per quarter, college submits one invoice to SBCTC. Mail to:

Cable Green
Director of eLearning & Open Education
PO Box 42495
Olympia, WA 98504

The invoice must include one total $ amount for all the staff at that college who traveled to Open Course Library grant-related events during the quarter. The invoice must also have copies of individual travel vouchers attached.

5. SBCTC will issue a check to each college once per quarter based upon the travel invoice submitted.

*Note: Travel for the kick-off meeting in April does not need to be pre-approved by SBCTC.