Is this about Mandated Curriculum?
  • No. This project is not about forcing anyone to use the courses or instructional materials.
  • This project is not about creating "canned courses."
  • The courses will be digital and modular so faculty can slice and dice them, remix / modify them, take the pieces they want to use - or ignore them.
  • The hope is the products will be useful both to faculty and to students.

Is this part of Common Course Numbering?
  • No. Most of the 81 courses are common course numbered courses, though they were not selected for that reason. The courses were selected because they are the highest enrolled courses... we also tried to keep series of courses together - e.g., Calculus I, II, III.

Is this about expanding eLearning?
  • No. The courses will be digital .. so faculty can use them in whole or in part (or not at all) in any learning space.
    • That said, the finished digital courses could certainly be offered as web-enhanced, hybrid and/or online courses.

Am I forced to participate in this project?
  • No. This is a competitive grant … and completely optional.

When the courses are released and I want to use part of all of the course, do I have to use the <$30 instructional materials?
  • No. You could, if you wanted to, use parts of the course but not the <$30 instructional materials, and instead assign a $150 textbook.